Treat your feet to a luxurious home spa treatment with CalmGenix Foot Soak. Specially formulated with all-natural Tea Tree Oil and Dead Sea Salt, you are ready to give yours tired legs therapeutic, soothing and rejuvenating treatment. You'll want it after just one use experience again and again the feeling of cleanliness and freshness of your fingers and feet.

NATURAL FOOT SOAK: Our authentic natural formula using just pure Tea Tree Oil and Dead Sea Salts to create a foot soak for some self love and foot treatments. Filled with natural healing elements that your feet and body lose during the day, make this foot a part of you routine foot bath and you will see how your feet and nails are rejuvenated, clean and relaxed.
EXFOLIATES, HEALS AND SOOTHES WITH TEA TREE OIL: Rich in antifungal, antiseptic and therapeutic properties, tea tree foot infusion keeps your feet healthy. Foot bath with tea tree Dead Sea foot oil and salts soothe sore feet and can help fight fungus nails, athlete's foot, dead skin and foot odor.
DEAD SEA SALT REJUVENATION AND REPAIR: Rich in essential minerals such as magnesium, Sulphur, calcium and iodine, salts from the Dead Sea, are a powerful and natural exfoliator. In addition, they stimulate blood circulation and relieve leg muscle spasms. This gives you a fully relaxing and pampering foot bath for home foot spa treatments.
REFER TO A LOVED ONE: This foot has wet and nailed mold treatment is one of those refuges spa gift sets for women that everyone will love. Treat your boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, mom, wife, grandma or anyone who needs a foot scrub and anti-fungal nail treatment. It is really one of the best spa gifts for women.



Cleanse and fully detox your feet with pure and all-natural tea tree oil. We use it the best therapeutic grade tea tree oil to fully enable you with its antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal effects Properties. These highly effective properties help relieve athlete's foot, athlete's foot, and toenail fungus mushroom, nail infections and foot odor.


Your sore feet will surely love the combination of Tea Tree Oil and Dead Sea salt. they are rich in minerals (10x more minerals than normal sea salt) that your feet need for correct function. In addition, the Dead Sea salts are a powerful natural exfoliator, which makes this foot perfectly wet way to pamper yourself after a hard day.

foot fungus
athlete’s foot

How to use


Add 1 tablespoon of CalmGenix to a bowl of warm water

Allow get your feet wet for 15-20 minutes

Do this daily or several days a week


Price: 17.36€